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Teensy Guitar Audio Shield MKII

The TGA Pro MKII is the second generation Arduino compatible audio shield for the Teensy 3.X and Teensy 4.0/4.1 microcontroller series made specifically for guitarists. A Dual-channel CODEC means stereo effects are possible along with dual high-impedance 9V preamps. Gain or attenuation of +24dB to -34dB can be applied to ensure the best signal level to the CODEC. The Arduino/Teensy libaries make it easy to start playing with your own digital audio effects without DSP programming knowledge.

Download the manual, check out the BALibrary or PJRC, the home of the Teensy.

This unit is built in small batches and sold on Tindie, check it out HERE.

Whether you are looking for a turn-key solution or something to integrate in a custom project, the TGA Pro will make it easier to achieve your goal.

Wanna hear the TGA Pro in action? BALibrary provides demo effects that use the expansion board as effect knobs. Click the image above to listen!

By selecting the add-on Expansion Board, a complete solution is ready to use right out of the box, no soldering required. Everything you need to start immediately auditioning the provided demos and developing new effects. No more worrying about damaging voltages, preamps, impedances, or how to control your effects. The Expansion Board provides:

  • (2x) Push Button Switches – easily turn effect settings on and off
  • (3x) Potentiometers – realtime control of your effect knobs and and parameters
  • (2x) Red LEDs – complete user control
  • (1x) Headphone Jack – 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with software volume control, no need to use an amp when developing!

When ordering the expansion board, the necessary mating headers are installed on the TGA Pro board for you.

Flexible Ordering Options

After processor speed, the most valuable resource in an embedded audio processor is program RAM. Unfortunately, storing raw audio data for delays and high-resolution waveshaper/wavetables for distortion and synthesis can consume much of the RAM leaving little leftover for the program code itself.

  • Addition SPI RAM is available as 4 Mbit option.

Storing data in fast, off-chip SPI RAM leaves the onboard microprocessor RAM available for program execution. Note: programs cannot execute from external RAM, that’s why it’s critical to store realtime data externally.

Many TGA Pro users integrate the audio board into a pedal enclosure or as a component in a more complex audio system.

  • No MIDI Connectors – this free option leaves the bulky MIDI connectors uninstalled providing more space in tight enclosures. The MIDI circuits are still there, so you can always wire in your own connectors.
  • TRS not soldered – this free option leaves the TRS jacks inserted into the PCBs with a friction fit but not soldered. This allows you to easily remove them and wire in your own jacks when using a custom enclosure design.
  • I/O Expansion – in addition to the native 28-pin socket for the Teensy 4.0, Breakout/Adapter boards are available to use Teensy 3 devices, or simply get access to more the Teensy I/O.

Easy integration into custom enclosures and projects

  • manual includes complete electrical schematics, mechanical dimensions and drilling guide for mounting the board in an enclosure
  • several of the Teensy’s interfaces and GPIO pins are broken out to board headers allowing you to wire in your own pots and switches

Free Software with Teensy Audio Library and BALibrary

Blackaddr Audio has taken the Teensy Audio Library by PJRC (provides seamless movement of audio between effects, inputs and outputs) and added even more powerful building blocks for creating effects, backed up by working examples. Exclusive effects include:

  • Analog Delay – models analog BBD delays with support for internal and external RAM storage, up to 2.8 seconds of delay
  • Enhanced Digital Delay – multi-tap delay, internal/external RAM storage
  • Sound On Sound – a unique effect for capturing and holding a chord or other sound while playing over. Great for synth-like pads to solo over
  • Tremolo – uses a digital LFO to modulate the volume
  • …plus more are in development!

Customer Projects

Here’s some customer projects using the TGA Pro!

Nic builds Eurorack synth modules, relying on the TGA Pro as the heart of the audio processing. The three 1/4″ jacks at the top (IN/THRU/OUT) are the audio board. The nuts on the audio jacks makes panel mounting super easy. Looks awesome, Nic! You can find his work on Github.

Audio Artillery has developed a multi-effects guitar processor using a Teensy 3.6 with the TGA Pro! Click the image to checkout his fuzz effect, and you can read more about this build on DIYstompboxes.